Profesional Domination BDSM

Age Play / Adult Baby Anal / Strapon /Bondage/ Boot, Shoe & Foot Worship/    Chastity Control/ Cock and Ball /Torture (CBT) /Corporal Punishment (Heavy)/    Corporal Punishment (Mild)/Corsets & Lingerie/ Double Domme/ Face Sitting/ Face Slapping/ Feminisation Forced/ Humiliation/ Interrogations/ Latex, Rubber & PVC Maid / Sissy Training/ Mummification/ Nipple Tease / Puppy / Pony TrainingRoleplay Fantasies Sensory DeprivationSensual Tie & Tease Slave TrainingSmoking TramplingWater Sports Wax PlayWhipping / Flogging Wrestling/ Mummification/ Scat/ Golden rain & much More. 

Cash Slaves: Financial Domination

Knowledge of means to exercise real domination/ Absolute knowledge of financial accounts / Financial rules / Elimination of caprice and trivia of submissive / tributes / challenges / skype sessions / online sadism / chastity control  / demands / humiliations / TRUE CREATIVITY

 Are you ready?


Confinements are a luxury that I give to those submissives who live to obey and please their mistress, me. If you are interested, you will find below the conditions necessary to be a good candidate. The confinements are suitable for experts but if you are a newbie and you want to go beyond your limits, do not be afraid, we will overcome any obstacle together and adapt the day, night or days at your level.

Professional Domination: The Rules

Before visiting, I like that the submissives inform me about their experience and tastes of BDSM. It is necessary that I know everything that excites you, what you fear, what you want to go beyond what is established. DON'T GET CONFUSED: I am dominant, sadistic, creative and cruel but above all I am a sensible person, lover of BDSM practices based on respect and consensus.

Do not be shy, do not be embarrassing. You come to me to adore me, I will not judge you, you are protagonist of this story, protagonist kneeling and humiliated, of course. Do not worry about the time, I'm not one that watches the clock all the time. Time is taken advantage of, the game starts when I move tab, not when the clock ticks the minute. 

Once you have arranged an appointment, the rules are simple: 

  1. All dates must be booked one day in advanced. The appointment is confirmed at least 2 hour before by CALL.  
  2. The submissive, once he has given the tribute, must undress and kneel with his back to his Mistress.
  3. You will not speak unless your Mistress orders it and you will always address her as Goddess America.

Easy, Right?


I am looking for a cash slave, in quality BDSM relationship. My appetite for submissives has increased and I'm feel generous and willing to improve the life of an educated, solvent and submissive man who wants to improve his pathetic life by pleasing and obeying everything that I command.

My financial slaves must be willing to give me 100% of their devotion. I am creative, so surprises, humiliations and sadism will never be lacking in the lives of my slaves. I demand to know the accounts, passwords and any information on the financial status of my bugs. All this information is never used against my slave, but in his favor: being under my control is the best thing that can happen to you. Your power is in my hands, I control it, manage it and spend it with intelligence and between my long and fine fingers finds its true home.

Please, if you are not a submissive man, don't send me a message.


The internments are carried out in a dungeon, they are from 4 hours as a minimum. I demand that the submissive come with a very open mind. I do different kinds of internments: you can become my maid, my dog, a simple object or a very dirty prostitute who wants to learn all the tricks of a woman (transformism).