Tasting America's Gold rain


Bitter. Sweety. Smelly. Sour. Acid. White. Gold. Yellow. Mistress America offers a wide range of rain for tasting. From the magic filter to the bottle. Enjoy the smell, the flavor of the gold rain. Just choose the size (30 cl, 50 cl or 80 cl) and Get it. For the all human WC whose lips want to taste the perfection. Shipping is done around the world.


 Imagine yourself coming home, traveling or anywhere else living another simple day. A package arrives. A nice red box, with its soft tie. When she unwraps her, she finds a bottle accompanied by her mistress's seal, which, despite being far away, sends her her liquids so that she can feel it inside you. For a small fee, you will receive your bottle of special champagne. 

Foaming. Delicious. Taste it.

Drink my essence and feel me,

To listen to my music inside you,

to make you mine by smearing my fragrance

over you

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