Mistress America shows her treasures, on sale for the fetish kinkies who loves high heels or a dirty sole of a runner. All of them very smelly. Payment by bank transfer. Worldwide shipment (Europe, UK, All countries!) . Just choose your favourite pair of shoes and Let me know by e-mail your decision. With a few data you will get your order. Easy and safe. Each package is accompanied by a detail. What will it be?

1. Sandal summer platform. Beige color. Veeeeeeeeeeeery smelly.  Very fragant. 40€.

2. Black high-heeled shoes. I took them during my graduation. They were really sweaty and walking on the grass littered the soles of their feet. 50 €.

3. White runners. I walk with my dogs, I go to the university, I go out... Every day with them. They really are for true fetishists who are fascinated by dirty and smelly shoes. Not suitable for inexperienced. 80 €.

4. I love color pink. And all of it's shades. Specially Garnet. High heels, elegants, very aromatic. Perfect suggestion for the fetish of heels. 40€.