"She is terrible and abject character, started in the bdsm to channel her indomitable energy. Do not underestimate her, for at her young age her desires to dominate are immense: she wants to subdue and control without limits. Is the irregular, sudden and cruel. She is, she wants you to be born and die with her, to be your truth and tear your individual "

21 years old, born and raised in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, of Real American origins.

 From the dynasty of ladies and ladies, I am distinguished by my taste for absolute control, corporal torture and the passion that I give when performing each of my sessions. 

My delight is to see that you please me. I want your obedience and devotion to shine when I give you an order. Let your submission light up, let it shine, when the session is over, I want to have gone beyond the limits, so that next time you come more willing to explore every corner of your being.

I have good physical and mental habits, so I have good health and appearance. I'm educated, cultured and picky girl, so I need my submissives to be in the best possible condition.